Andrew Martin

Visiting Komodo Island
England, south coast

To visit every country before I die

Favourite Country:

Favourite Trek:
Hmmm, Bit of a difficult one but the Cordillera Blanca Trek in Peru and the two passes Everest Trek in the Khumbu stand out.

Highest Altitude:
6,962m on Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina

Best Food:
Prawns in coconut sauce in a waterfront restaurant in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Worst Food:
Animal brains in China (not sure what animal).

Best Travel Experience:
Reaching the top of Kala Pattar in Nepal on my first trip to the Himalaya in 1993.

Worst Travel Experience:
Losing my eldest son in Hong Kong on his 11th birthday. Fortunately he had the presence of mind to walk back to the hotel where, to much relief, we later found him.

First Camera:
Kodak Pocket Instamatic using 110 film

Current Camera:
Canon EOS 5D Mk III

Andrew Martin

I’ve been interested in the outdoors from an early age. My parents were pretty good about letting me go off on my own. As a schoolboy, a friend and I would take off with our rucksacks or on our bicycles for a week or two at a time with a cheap tent, sleeping bags, cooker and a few quid in our pockets to buy food with. We explored the Isle of Wight, Cornwall, Wales and the Lake District climbing some of the UK’s bigger hills. When I got married I thought my adventures in the great outdoors were over. To my delight though, my wife started to show an interest in hill walking. We backpacked in the Lake District climbing all the highest peaks. Soon were soon visiting the Alps and then in 1993 we decided to visit the Himalaya in Nepal. It was a four-week once-in-a-lifetime trip. Like many first time visitors to Nepal we chose to do the Everest Trek. However, the trip did not go to plan. We both fell ill a couple of days into the trek with severe diarrhoea. We never really recovered from it on the trek but pressed on. We’d planned to explore the whole Khumbu region but instead settled on reaching Kala Pattar, a small rise above Everest Base Camp with good views of the mountain. We struggled for 10 days to reach Kala Pattar. Even during the final early morning ascent I didn’t really believe we would get there until we were just a few steps from the top. The view was sublime but the feeling inside was indescribable. I tried to express it in my diary that night but could only manage a rather feeble “it was a great moment for me”. It was a greater moment than I realised at the time (perhaps life-changing) and set us on a journey, exploring some of the great mountain ranges of the world; a journey that has since broadened to travelling the world with our two children. We have been fortunate enough to visit some of the most amazing places in the world and my interest in photography has grown from a desire to create a visual record of those events, places and the people we encounter on our travels.


Born in the south of England, I originally trained as an Electronic Engineer at the University of Nottingham. I worked in the telecommunications industry for 3 years before moving to a research establishment. It was during this period that I began to see the future role that computers would have in industry. With virtually no knowledge of computer science, I decided to buy a computer and train myself. The most advanced home computer at that time was the Acorn Archimedes. What fascinated me about the Archimedes was the newly emerging 3D solid vector graphics. I immersed myself in the technology writing a comprehensive 3D graphics engine. I then used this to write the computer game “Air Supremacy” that was published in 1991. After publication I left work and set up my own company, writing and publishing “Guile” the following year. I switched to the Commodore Amiga as the promise of the Archimedes diminished but was unable to keep up with the accelerating changes in games technology. Instead I switch again to IT. I am now a freelance IT consultant specialising in the field of Business Intelligence. I have considerable experience in data warehouse design, data modelling, ETL and data reporting and presentation.